Mission Statement:

By sharing knowledge with our members in a safe and supportive learning environment, we will instill a sense of humility, discipline and confidence. Therefore providing a stable foundation for a stronger community.

Dojo Operators Value Proposition:

We are committed to building Kyokushin Karate in New Zealand. As a dojo operator of the NZKOK Inc. you will have the advantage of being connected to a global organisation, dedicated to providing continual support and guidance needed to develop yourself, your dojo and your students.

Student Value Proposition:

Kyokushin Karate will welcome you into a friendly supportive environment. Guiding you on a path to knowledge, challenging you both mentally and physically, enabling you to maximise your full potential.

How do I join?

All you need is comfortable clothing (such as shorts and a T-shirt). If you’d like to join us, just come to our nearest premises to you (Dojo) about 15 minutes before a class. Our instructors will introduce you to the Dojo and our facilities, and let you know what you can expect from the class. When you join they'll also give you a syllabus and manual to make learning Kyokushin Karate as easy as possible.

Of course you’re welcome to watch a class first – our instructors will be happy to answer any questions afterwards. 

Go to our 'Locations' page to find a dojo near you click here
or email: nzkyokushin@xtra.co.nz