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Japan (Matsui Factor - IKO1)

The home site for our branch of Kyokushin, IKO1.
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Brisbane Kyokushin (IKO1)

News, events, articles and information from Brisbane.
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Canadian Kyokushin (IKO1)

See what they're doing in Canada. Online magazine, merchandise and more.
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How do I join?

All you need is comfortable clothing (such as shorts and a T-shirt). If you’d like to join us, just come to our nearest premises to you (Dojo) about 15 minutes before a class. Our instructors will introduce you to the Dojo and our facilities, and let you know what you can expect from the class. When you join they'll also give you a syllabus and manual to make learning Kyokushin Karate as easy as possible.

Of course you’re welcome to watch a class first – our instructors will be happy to answer any questions afterwards. 

Go to our 'Locations' page to find a dojo near you click here
or email: