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General Class
General Class

*First THURSDAY of every 2nd month the dojo has a combined training with North Harbour and Auckland North Dojo - Instructor will inform where and when

Dojo Operators

Sempai Anna Coddington, 2nd Dan

Practising since: 1999
Teaching since: 2007
Karate achievements:
- 2010: Graded to 2nd Dan
- Waikato Champs 2009: 2nd Place Women's Open Kumite, 1st place Black and Brown belt Kata, Most Spirited Fighter
- Northern Zones Champs 2008: 1st Place Senior Black Belt Kata
- 2007: achieved 1st Dan
- Northern Zones Champs 2004: 1st Place Women's Under 65kg Kumite, 2nd Place Senior Kata
- National Champs 2004: 1st Place Women's Open Kumite, 1st Place Senior Kyu Grade Kata

Sempai Shingo Tamura, 2nd Dan

Practising since: 1994
Teaching since: 2002

Karate Achievements:
- 2011: NZ Nationals Heavyweight and Overall Champion
- 2010: Graded to 2nd Dan
- more to come

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Club Black Belts

Sempai Lanawas Abdullah, 2nd Dan

Sempai Lanawas Practising since: 1993
Teaching since: 2008
Karate Achievements:
- 2010: Graded to 2nd Dan
- more to come



Sempai David (Qi En) Zhou, 1st Dan

Sempai LanawasPractising since: 2004
Teaching since: 2009
Karate Achievements:
- 2011 Waikato Kyokushin Karate Champs: 1st Place Men's Under 80kg
- 2010 Graded to 1st Dan
- 2010 Waikato Champs: 2nd Place Senior Kata
- 2010 2nd Kyokushin Karate Auckland One Match Challenge
- 2009 NZ Nationals: 2nd Place Kumite Men's Lightweight
- 2008 Waikato Champs: 1st Place Kumite Novice Men Under 70kg
- 2008 Northern Zones: 1st Place Kumite Men's Under 70kg. Most Spirited Fighter
- 2007 NZ Nationals: 1st Place Kumite Novice Men Under 70kg
- 2006 Northern Zones: 2nd Place Kumite Colt Boys 16-17 yrs. 1st place Colts Kata
- 2005 Northern Zones: 2nd Place Kumite Colt Boys 14-15 yrs

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Contact Details

Avondale Community Centre,
99 Rosebank Rd,


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