North Harbour Dojo was established in 1982 by Shihan Stephen Takiwa. The dojo includes a jigsaw matted training area for safety, complete with mirrors for self-improvement. It also has changing facilities, a shower & sauna. North Harbour Dojo draws on the talent and extensive experience of its blackbelts to offer challenging and varied instruction for all their students. There are classes to suit every level of fitness and ability so that all participants can benefit from the principals of Kyokushin.

Training Schedule - New CLASSES & TIMETABLE started on 1 August 2011

8-9am *Black belt class      

Traditional Focus

Fighting Fit
4.30-5.15pm   Kiwi Warriors
  Kiwi Warriors
Leadership Crew


Kata Extreme
Traditional Focus
Fighting Fit
Traditional Focus
Time and Day TBC
Women's Self Defence

*Black Belt ONLY class on the first SUNDAY of every month

**Combined training on the first THURSDAY of every 2nd month, host dojo rotates between North Harbour, West Auckland and Waitoki - Instructor will notify where and when

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Class Description

Kiwi Warriors (7-15yrs) A class for all children encouraging them to work together. Students will set and obtain personal realistic goals while having fun and learning all about respect of others.

Leadership Crew (Higher grades 7-15yrs by invitation ONLY) Coming through the grades there is a natural progression to teach other students, this class focuses on breaking things down & learning the ‘how & why’ so they can pass it on. During this journey they will pick up excellent leadership skills which will help them in all aspects of life

Kata Extreme (Higher grades 7-15yrs by invitation ONLY) At a higher level kids need a challenge to focus and perfect techniques, this is the class for them!

Traditional Focus (15+yrs, unless invited by Shihan) This is the traditional adult class, all students train together and if necessary will split off into separate groups. The class lasts 1.5hrs and covers all aspects of Kyokushin karate

Fighting Fit This class is for anyone and everyone, it covers stamina, fitness, technique drills and conditioning while keeping it safe and fun (Junior grades can attend if invited by instructors)

Grading Revision This class covers the grading syllabus and is a great add-on for anyone who wants to get in extra training.

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Dojo Operators

Shihan Stephen Takiwa, 6th Dan

Shihan Stephen started his Kyokushin Karate training at the Hastings YMCA in 1978, at the age of 16. He trained under the guidance of Sensei Solly Purcell who developed his skills over the following four years. Then at the age of 20 in 1982 he made the move to Auckland. He established his first dojo, under the name of The ‘North Shore Kyokushin Karate Club’ at the Beach Haven Ratepayers Hall. Then moved the dojo to Birkenhead running 7 days under the new name of ‘North Harbour Kyokushin Karate Club’. The club has been running successfully since then. In 2001 he took on a second dojo, this is situated in Avondale, called 'West Auckland Kyokushin'. Their head Instructor Sensei Garry Clarke re-located to Rawene setting up Hokianga Kyokushin in the far North. He has since handed this dojo over to Sempai Anna Coddington and Sempai Shingo Tamura. Shihan Takiwa is still the highest ranked Kyokushin fighter on the World stage from New Zealand and is now passing his knowledge onto his students.

Karate history:

  • 1983, 84, 85, 87, 88, 89, 95 New Zealand Heavy Weight Champion
  • 1985, 87, 89 Trans Tasman Heavy Weight Champion
  • 1990 Australian Middle Weight Champion
  • 1991 South Island and NZ Middle Weight Champion
  • 1983 NZ Representative, at the 3rd World Tournament in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1987 NZ Representative, at the 4th World Tournament in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1991 NZ Representative, Placed 12th at the 5th World Tournament in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1995 NZ Representative at the 6th World Tournament in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1988 Received the award for Most Spirited Fighter at the Common Wealth Champs held in Sydney, Australia
  • 1989 Awarded the Strongest Technique Trophy at the All Japan Tournament in Tokyo, also making the top 32 fighters
  • 1998 Coach for the NZ Womens Team at the 2nd Womens World Tournament in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1999 Coach for the NZ Mens Team at the 7th World Tournament held in Japan
  • 2000 Appointed New Zealand Branch Chief (representative to Honbu Japan)
  • 2000 Took over the New Zealand branch of IKO1 dojo (8 founding dojo)
  • 2001 Over 35 Men Open NZ National Champion

Sensei Diane Takiwa, 4th Dan

Sensei Diane, the co-dojo operator of the North Harbour Kyokushin Karate club, has been praticing Kyokushin Karate since 1982. She has been teaching since 1984. When she and Shihan Takiwa moved their young family north (back to her home town Auckland) in '82 she was one of the first students of the new club (back then) on the North Shore, Auckland. Many students have come and gone over the years but she still loves and enjoys the commeradary of Kyokushin Karate. In the years she has been training she has competed and placed in:

  • NZ Highland Games (Kumite - fighting) Champion 3 years
  • 1985 Obtained 1st Dan
  • 1998 2nd Place at Australian Nationals
  • 1998 Represented NZ at the Women's World Championships in Japan, placing 5th equal in Women’s Middle Weight Div in kumite
  • 2001 Represented NZ at the Women's World Championships in Japan, competing in kumite & kata, reaching top 8 in kumite
  • 2001 Attended International Camp in Kyoto, Japan
  • 2002 Obtained 2nd Dan
  • 2003 Represented NZ at the Women's World Championshipsin New York, competing in kata
  • 2003 NZ Kata champion
  • 2004 Runner up in Kata Div. at Trans Tasman Masters, Auckland
  • 2003, 2005 & 2006 Facilitator of National Women's camps in Taupo
  • Continues to participate and/or facilitate at NZ camps
  • 2005 & 2006 Ran self-defense classes at Zayed College for girls
  • 2006 NZ Kata champion
  • 2006 Obtained 3rd Dan
  • 2011 Facilitator of National Women's camp in Rotorua
  • 2011 NZ Kata champion
  • 2011 Obtained 4th Dan

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Club Black Belts

Sensei Lisa Coban, 3rd Dan - Guest Instructor

Practising since: 1998
Teaching since: 2001

Karate achievements: Runs her own dojo at Wainui, Auckland North
Co-instructed the ABC 4 Karate classes with Sensei Diane Takiwa
Represented NZ at the Women's World Championships 2001 in Japan, competing in kata
Attended International Camp in Kyoto, Japan 2001
NZ Kata Champion 2002
Runner up in Kata Div. at New Zealand Nationals 2003
Co-facilitator Women's camp in Taupo, 2003
Winner of Kata Div. at Trans Tasman Masters 2004
Australian Kata Champion 2005

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Sempai Paul Wilkinson, 2nd Dan

Practising since: 2003
Teaching since: 2006
Karate achievements: To be updated soon

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Sempai Steve Trott, 1st Dan

Sempai Steve TrottPractising since: 2004
Teaching since: 2007
Karate achievements: New Zealand Nationals runner up kata 2007

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Sempai Trevor Nickless, 1st Dan

Sempai Steve TrottPractising since: 2002
Teaching since: 2005
Karate achievements: To be updated soon

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Sempai Diane Trott, 1st Dan - Guest Instructor

Sempai Steve TrottPractising since: 2003
Teaching since: 2006
Karate achievements: To be updated soon

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Contact Details

09 4835 935
027 224 2811
65-67 Birkenhead Ave,
(First drive after Slip Inn when turning into Birkenhead, down around the back)

email: Shihan Takiwa

website: karate4u

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