Kata entrants (left to right) Diane Takiwa, Donna Hicks, Johnny Reiestad, Peter Stitt and Lisa Coban put on a display of gekisai-sho at the opening of the tournament.
Mens light-weight division (up to 70kg) final.
Naoya Otami (left), Graham Heath (right).
Mens heavy-weight division (80 to 90kg) final.
Simon Kennedy (left), Paul Kleer (right).
Mens super heavy-weight division (over 90kg) final.
Aaron Smith (left), Warren Gabb (right).
Womens open-weight division final.
Iris Docherty (left), Erin Pinkney (right).
Mens masters open-weight (over 35yrs) final.
Gary Clarke (left), Chris Gower (right).
Mens light/middle-weight fight-off.
Johnny Reistad (left), Naoya Otami (right).
Mens heavy/super heavy-weight fight-off.
Simon Kennedy (left), Warren Gabb (right).
Mens grand champion (open weight) fight-off.
Johnny Reistad (left), Simon Kennedy (right).
All the champions are presented with their trophies.
Sensei Chris Gower (from Mt Vic) at the sayonara party, crowned for his achievements as tournament organiser.