Kihikihi Kyokushin

Sensei Denis Cadman establishd Kihikihi Kyokushin 25 years ago. In September 2004 he handed the club over to Kevin Maber, one of his students. The club has strong junior and senior classes with a lot of support from the families. We are a family oriented club with parents training along with the kids. We are a non-profit community group wanting to teach Kyokushin Karate to anyone wanting to give it a go.

Training Schedule


Children (6-12yrs)



Adults (13yrs up)

Dojo Operator

Sensei Kevin Maber, 2nd Dan

Sensei Kevin Maber has been training in Kyokushin Karate since 1992. Is married to Jo and has two sons, Devon and Boyd. He started his karate training under the guidance of Sensei Denis Cadman. Kevin has travelled extensively and was fortunate to train with the English Full Contact Team during a stint in England also traning with Senseis John Freeman and Trevor Mariot. He has also attended many camps and tournaments throughout New Zealand and trained under/with New Zealand's top Kyokushin instructors such as Branch Chief Shihan Stephen Takiwa, Shihan Rob Begbie, Shihan Kevin Pepperell and Sensei Tahi Parata, to name a few. Kevin also trained for two years in boxing before starting Kyokushin. He now has a passion to pass on what he has learnt from his years of training. Kevin gained his Shodan in October 1998 and then his Nidan in November 2004.

Tournament history:

Contact Details

Ph 07 871 3835

Kihikihi Primary School hall
Whitmore Street


e-mail: Sensei Maber

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